Noble Youth International Model United Nation organized a Virtual MUN on the 3
rd and 4
th of October, on
the theme, “ Promoting Sustainable Development Goal’. In Collaboration with United Nations Association
of South Africa, Celebrating the 75
th anniversary of United Nations Organization, with the aim to provide a
platform for the youths to expose themselves to international relations and to help them learn the ways of
diplomacy and negotiation.
The conference had four (4) committees which consisted of :
United Nations Women, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural
Organization, United Nations Human Right Council.
The conference hosted more than 100 delegates from 20+ countries and 60+ cities, under the efficient
work of the organizing Committee, i.e.
Aman Goyal, Founder & CEO
Attaullah Tahiri , President
Riddhi Sen Majumder, Secretary General
Tia Longkumer, USG Public Relations
Tanvi Bansal, USG Public Relations
Wansh Agarwal, USG Delegate Affairs
Gaurav Sethia, USG Delegate Affairs
Joel Khing, USG Information Technology
Mosa Mdungasa, USG Logistic Affairs.
The Opening Ceremony was held on the 3
rd Of October, where with Mr. Wandile Msomi, the Chairperson
of UNASA as the speaker.
Committees and Sessions
1. United Security Council.
Agenda: Threat to International Peace and Security caused by Terrorist attacks.
The Committee was monitored by Mr. Ikram Ullah Maseed from Pakistan as Director and
Miss Dhurvi Thakker from India as President.
The Committee focused on the agenda basing on Afganistan.
2. United Nations Women.
Agenda: Preventing discrimination against women in workspace and laying down a roadmap to
achieve SDG-5
UN Women is the UN entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.
Gender inequality is pervasive, with women lacking access to decent employment and facing
gender wage gaps. All around the world women and girls are routinely denied access to
education and healthcare; they are under-represented in economic and political decision-making
and suffer from violence and discrimination. A global champion for women and girls,
UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide.
The committee was chaired by Miss Azka Khan and co chaired by Mister Waris Aziz Akash.
United Nation Women Day : 1
The committee have started off the session with the attendance which was taken up by the
22 delegates were present and 12 was the number of majority votes needed inorder to pass the
motion. Then it was followed up with the launch of the General Speakers List , where 14 nation
states have raised their hands in the first round .
One Fun fact about our committee: The delegate of Indonesia is only 6 years old and she was
accompanied with her mother who was the delegate of Greece.
We have two observers in the committee.
The hot topics that were further discussed during the course of the day are :
‘The causes and consequences of gender-based violence in both workplace and society.
Preferential treatment to man and objectifying women is blocking the road to SDG5.
‘On sexual harassment and physical violence in the working area.
United Nations Women Day : 02
The committee session began with the roll call of the nation states by the chair .
Then , floor was open for un moderated caucus on where the delegates tackled on bringing
solutions to gender discriminations.
– The GSL was open for 90 seconds
Sweden , Italy, New Zealand, Mauritius, Australia, Canada , Zambia and Romania took the
opportunity to speak .
The delegate of Sweden strongly stated that in order to bring a solution the government should
ensure a systematic problem solving system.
And also ensure the full participation of full and equal participation of women.
Interview with the Chair and the co chair of UNW
Press : Our committee have a huge number of first timers. Can you tell us about your first
reaction when you learned about that.
Chair : I often deals with first timers and it’s always very appreciated because the new delegates
start from scratch and they are the raw minded people. Whatever knowledge we impart to them
they grab it very well.
Press : What are your views on the agenda of the committee?
Chair : Women are unsafe at workplace and they are even deprived of knowledge and education.
This is something young mind should take initiative and ponder upon in combating it.
Press : As a Chairperson what are the qualities you see in a delegate that impresses you
the most?
Chair : qualities that I see are curiously, creativity and imagination .
Press : Can you tell us two fun or interesting facts about you?
Chair : I am a businesswomen and am into venture capitalists. I am also interested in politics both
national and international politics.
Press: What are your expectations from the delegates?
Co – Chair : As chairs we expect the delegates to come up with solutions regarding the key
Problems that woman face to access in the labour market, how to remove/eradicate wage gap
between men and women, how to encourage states to adopt/strengthen and implement effective
policy to empower women economically, how economically stable women can participate in the
Delegates are also encouraged to think about on how to raise awareness of the importance of
gender equality, particularly in more isolated regions of the world, how can we increase the
effectiveness of existing laws.
Press : What are your views on the agenda of the committee?
Co chair : The working world of women has to be transformed into non-discriminatory and social
norms in order to create equal economic opportunities and results. The economic and social
policy should eliminate inequality and the gap in women’s labour force.
Through a response mechanism on a national and global level, the performance of the
2030-agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG) supports the economic empowerment of
women, at a time when the international community has made an unprecedented commitment to
gender equality and women’s empowerment.
We need to encourage states to adopt and implement laws against domestic abuse, including
marital rape and finally how is Prevention of Economic Discrimination to Achieve SDG 5 is
connected to end all forms of discrimination against all women and eliminate all forms of violence
against all women and girls.
Reported by,
Deno Dolie
Official Journalist
3. United Nations Human Rights Council
Agenda: Redrafting the UDHR to make it more inclusive for the 21st Century.
The UNHRC, a pillar agency birthed by the United Nations Security Council had its footsteps in
the Nobel Youth International Model United Nations undertaking an immensely intricate agenda in
redrafting the UDHR to make it more inclusive for the 21st Century.
The committee chaired by Devansh Sinhal and Vice chaired by Halimatu Abdul Mutalabi started
its first session on 3rd October, 2020 and completed on the 4th of October, 2020. As any other
model UN conference, this committee had its fair share of chaos and confusion in the first
session, given the fact that there were first timers in the committee. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm
of the delegates along with the ever helping hand of the EB, the committee sessions progressed
to feats unforeseen. The NYIMUN UNHRC has 13 member states present with the likes of the
delegates of Nigeria, Germany, Brazil, to name a few helping and moulding the debate session to
one of pristine quality.
The first day of the committee sessions saw various points being discussed that might lead to an
inclusive and eloquent working paper. The second day of the committee sessions saw various
draft resolutions being proposed such as draft resolution 102 proposed by the delegates of
Pakistan and Poland, and draft resolution 2.0 proposed by the delegates of Germany, Nigeria,
Brazil, and the Philippines, with draft resolution 2.0 being passed in the committee having 9 voters
of which 7 were “yeses” and 2 “abstained”.
With quality debates and up to point remarks, the UNHRC peacefully concluded the committee
sessions with delegates commenting on their experience and how attending NYIMUN 2020 have
shaped their perspective and moulded their role in the global community for then and the future.
Reported by,
Tajungrenla Longkumer
Official Journalist
4. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO )
Agenda: Preparing framework in the Education sector Post COVID – 19.
Day 1
Date 03/10/2020
The United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization of the Noble Youth
International Model United Nations was chaired by Mr. Gaurav Sethia and Miss.Vaishnavi
Singh. Chairperson Miss.Vaishnavi Singh called the session to order and started off the
committee with a roll call where a total of eight delegates were present ( Belgium,
Brazil, Chile Congo ,Finland ,Ghana , Guatemala and United Kingdom ).
Before commencing on with the General Speaker’s List (GSL) , the Executive Board (EB)
promptly ran through the ROPs.
The delegate of the United Kingdom raised the motion to set the agenda and the committee
ran through with the first GSL with delegate of Ghana being the first speaker where the
delegate stressed upon “equal digital access” for the education system. Later, when asked
about how “equal digital access” can be achieved in rural areas , the delegate replied by
saying that the developed countries and the first world countries can help install internet
connection and provide e-books after seminars on how to operate the tablets and help
students learn via e-books.
The Delegate of Brazil also added on by suggesting that online classes must be broadcasted
in local stations and it can be achieved if “ Brazil government provides radio to each and
every household”.
As the committee went on with the GSL , delegates of Guatemala and Belgium stressed
upon the need for safety measures for the students.
The delegate of Congo received the first POI from the Executive Board regarding the scope
of funds mentioned in the delegate’s speech, to which the delegate confidently answered
that funds would be focused on education, learning and improvement of school infrastructure
The Executive Board urged the delegates to open their time for POIs, after which more
delegates followed suit.
The committee had the first moderated caucus on the topic “Importance of Mental Health”
as raised by the delegate of Congo where the delegate of Ghana posed a question to the
committee- “How can you expect students not to suffer from mental health when they have
to share one text book between 4-5 people?”.
The UNESCO committee, with a majority first timers, started to witness fervent participation
and interaction.
As the committee began witnessing a growth in participation, the EB raised another POI to
the delegate of Congo regarding the possibility of incorporating access to online education
for students in rural Congo to which the delegate replied that it would be possible with funds
and through the education of masses on technological advancement.
In contrary to the beginning of the first session, the committee saw an immense growth in
the participation and interaction of the delegates and the Executive Board was pleased with
the ability of the delegates to speak up considering it’s their first time experience as
The first day of the UNESCO committee wrapped up by suspending the formal session and
breaking for an informal session of the delegates with the EB.
Day 2
Date 03/10/20
Time 3:00-9:15 PM [IST]
A few feedbacks from the delegates before plummeting in with the details of the second day
of NYIMUN , 2020.
“It is amazing”- Chile
“A great learning experience”- Congo
“I am having a great experience”- Ghana
“It was a very great experience. Hope to do my best and get some lessons for future” – Brazil
“ I am loving it. I feel good to be here and speak about my views. The EB is very helpful!”- Algeria.
“NYIMUN framework really helps the youth in learning lot of new skills and I truly feel
privileged to be part of this group” -United Kingdom
The second day of the UNESCO committee in NYIMUN 2020 begins with attendance after
which the delegate of United Kingdom raises the first motion for a moderated caucus on the
topic -“ Changing the way assessment is done in our education pattern post COVID.”
The delegates seemed more prepared and confident than the first day as they delineate their
views in their speeches. The delegate of Ghana as well as the delegate of Guatemala
stressed on the importance of “interesting projects and assignments” rather than tests as
that would trigger the interests of the students towards academics. The delegate of
Guatemala also enlightened the committee on the fact that Guatemala “spends less than
2% of GDP for education”.
Delegate of Congo yet again smites the committee with a bold statement- “Parents in Congo
are more focused in their children earning for their family than then learning in school.”
As the committee progresses on with more moderated caucuses, the participation of the
delegates intensifies in comparison to the previous day.
After 3 moderated caucuses, the committee moved into an unmod for 15 minutes after which
the delegates were zestful as they moved into three more mod caucuses before settling to
work on the working paper.
The committee adjourned with a working paper met at the consensus of the committee and
with delegates expressing their melancholy of the conference coming to an end.
The delegates exhibited their appreciation to the Executive Board members for their
patience and amiability in helping them out throughout the sessions and also thanked the
NYIMUN Team for the opportunity that have indoctrinated them with more knowledge about
the working of the United Nations and ignited an interest towards participating and learning
in more Model United Nations.
Reported by,
Subuienla Longkumer
Official Journalist.
The closing ceremony was held on the 4th
of October where the delegates were awarded and the
Regional Directors and Campus Ambassadors were awarded. After the closing ceremony there
was an informal session with singing and poetry recitation where the delegates and the organizing
committee had a fun time trying to get to know one another.
Some words of wisdom from the Officials.
“You have the responsibility to represent your nation’s interest along with keeping
global welfare in mind.” – Aman Goyal (Founder & CEO)
“Do more things that make you forget to check your phone”
“Why do they put a pizza in a Square Box?”- Ataullah Tahiri (President)
“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue and I will miss the 2 AM enquiry call and 100+ messages in
the morning” – Tia Longkumer (USG Public Relation)
“Yaar!! I am Dumb, I have to think, I have noyhing inside my brain other than names of
Delegate.” – Tanvi Bansal (USG Public Relation)

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