Letter From The Organising-Committee President

Greetings and Namaskaram ,           
As a President, it is an absolute pleasure and honour to invite and welcome you all to the Nepal Youth International Model UN – 2020, a movement towards awareness and transformation, to be held from 10-13 of April, 2020 .       
In diversified countries like ours where the efficiency of policy lacks behind, Ideas and Actions should be forwarded as a movement where people can act inclusively, towards building a nation in the path of progress. This movement with the sense and connection of unity and oneness which includes every diversification, is what holds our country strong to being a nation. To participate willingly is leading of oneself to a certain direction of purpose. An enthusiasm with intelligence to drive the inclusive efforts towards a positive direction is an inclusive leadership. And the Youths of today, hold this passion and energy to shape their strength, skills and intelligence in a good way.
We believe NYIMUN will become a doorway to explore one’s potentials through learning skills of communication, presentation and debate and diplomacy in a sound and pleasant atmosphere !      
Looking forward to meeting everyone in the conference. Best wishes to all and  have a wonderful experience of MUN !
Janak Paudel 
Nepal Youth International Model UN
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