Letter From The Secreatary General

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisers, and Distinguished Guests,

On behalf of the Secretariat, it is my honour to welcome you to the NEPAL YOUTH INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS at Kathmandu , Nepal.

At NYIMUN-2020, we strongly believe in the core values of participation and inclusivity. Our commitment to this mandate is reflected in the inaugural NYIMUN-2020 , an innovative conference that will provide a learning-oriented experience of high academic caliber. The idea of winning is important and more so pertinent in this race to success, However, winning is futile if the art of participation is not espoused among high schoolers getting ready for the real world. NYIMUN is unique in its emphasis on the educational power of such conferences. We not only host a Diplomatic conference but also train students to become better leaders. At NYIMUN, each delegate will have the opportunity to speak, participate, and learn in a rigorous and supportive environment. Our goal is to equip delegates with the necessary skills to engage in the art of diplomacy.
I hope NYIMUN will bring you the ethics and empowerment with which the art of diplomacy has gifted me. We don’t just want to espouse ideas but engage the community to spread them in all their actions, deeds and words. NYIMUN, we hope will herald several of these highschoolers into the world of diplomacy that we all are a proud member of. In the long run what we aspire to do is to create a wave of change led by the youth for the youth.
Be a part of this change. Be a part of NEPAL YOUTH INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS .

Riddhi Sen Majumder
Secretary-General, NYIMUN-2020

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