Our Aim:

Team NYIMUN comes with an aim to establish a forum where today’s leaders will meet tomorrow’s leaders and have an enriching exchange of views. This is where the experience of present day leaders will confront with the youth of today who have the potential to lead the society. Team NYIMUN believes in perfecting the basics, hence we aim to discover the hidden leaders and prepare them in every aspect by training them and making them aware of the ongoing global and national issues, this will help in an overall development of the individual.

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Opportunities For You


As a delegate, you will be required to research your allotted countries in-depth, analysing and understanding their foreign policies and considering which factors would influence the behaviour of the country at an international level.


You will feel much more comfortable about working with new people and expressing yourself easily. The confidence gained will help you in future interactions where you would need to express yourself in high-pressure situations.


The MUN is an ideal place to hone analytical skills, as in a simulated environment you will be challenged and required to solve the task after examining the concerns of the other countries, past precedents and potential solutions to come up with an acceptable resolution.


Diplomacy, or the art of negotiation, is not only restricted to conversations between two countries, but pertains to any purposeful exchange between two groups, and thus, is a very useful skill to possess.


Developing efficient public speaking skills takes practice, since you will make multiple speeches during the overall MUN event, you will have several opportunities to improve your public speaking prowess.


The independence, challenges, and teamwork will surely serve to enhance your leadership skills, as you take charge as a representative of a real-world country. You will be encouraged to take decisions and work out solutions as a leader for the country.

Series Of Activities

Diplomatic Assembly

Press Conference

Meeting Sessions

City Tour

Social Service

Cultural Performance

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